Angkatan Sasterawan' 50 Journal Systems


Welcome to Angkatan Sasterawan' 50 Journal Systems.

Here you can find interesting and useful collections and publications of Angkatan Sasterawan' 50 (ASAS 50) literacy works.

"Scholars need the means to launch a new generation of journals committed to open access, and to help existing journals that elect to make the transition to open access..."

Budapest Open Access Initiative, 2002

Angkatan Sasterawan' 50 Journal Systems (ASJS) is a journal management and publishing system that has initiated by the Division of Information Communication and Knowledge Management. All contents in this journal systems are kept in the orginal write up by the authors.

This system Features

  1. ASJS is installed locally and locally controlled managed by our own Asas 50 members with the guided of an academic librarian.
  2. Editors able to configure requirements, sections, review process, etc for a proper journal submission.
  3. Online submission and management of all content.
  4. Comprehensive indexing of content part of global system.
  5. Reading Tools for content, based on field and editors' choice.
  6. Email notification and commenting ability for readers.


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