The programme was launch on 26 June 2009 in Regent Secondary School. The first session was an introduction to the programme given by HPOET consultant to all participants. They were briefed on the programme schedule, requirements and expectation. A session of ice breaker followed with several activities to bond the participants and facilitators alike. The programme ran for 18 sessions culminating into 30 hours from Jun 2009 to March 2010. Basically each workshop is 5 hours and holds 3 sessions of activities. The participants were divided into groups depending on the overall size at each point of time. Each group was run by 2 facilitators. During the programme, facilitators met up with consultant on site to monitor and discuss on developments.

Writing poems is not simply an entity of its own and but an interpretation of other forms of discipline. To further encourage appreciation and passion for the arts, students were taught how to tap on the artistic side of poems with Graftera. Graftera revitalises literary works through the innovative amalgamation of two distinctive art forms – graphic works and sastera (literature). It may also be interpreted as Grafiti Sastera where visual artists explore poems through the architectonic dimensions of graffiti art. Poems produced by students were transformed into illustrations through visualisations. Students were introduced to poetry recitation. Although the concept of poetry recitation has existed for a long time, Heartland Poet adopted new approaches – again in the attempt to make the whole concept of Malay poetry relevant to today’s youth. Poetry recitation explored different genres of music so as to capture the interests of youth. Youths were free to use rock, rap, R & B, hip hop, ballad, indie or any other different genres to recite poems in their own creative ways. They were also encouraged to bring in the different aspects of art like acting and dancing to add more meaning and variety to poetry recitation.

Heartland Poet was executed in a way to introduce poetry writing to the young generation. New methods and conventions were used to appeal to the younger crowd. Through this program,participants experienced the enjoyment of the power of reading and writing, basic literacy skills, enhance critical and analytical abilities, and exercise their creativity, imagination and originality. More importantly, they were able to turn their feelings, aspirations, and concerns into beautiful poetic phrases that contribute to the aesthetics interpretation of the world.