1. To create awareness of poetry among students.
2. To increase the number of new writers and literary works.
3. To nurture interest in poetry writing and recitation
4. To contribute to the flowering of national literature

The project received overwhelming response and support from school community and national leaders as an example of a creative and innovative endeavor in enhancing the learning of mother tongue language and literature. This program has increased the number of new writers to the current pool of local writers. In all 521 participants were exposed to the writing circle and found writing to be a fruitful venture. They developed interest in writing and reading as reflected through their products and feedbacks. The publication of the book contributes significantly to the flowering of national literature because it is the first of its kind and become a landmark publication for Singapore. In fact its bilingual nature is a reflection of mainstream approach in literature. The main objectives to nurture the interest in the students were met as students were not only introduced to the poetry writing, unconventional methods were used so as to further nurture and cultivate the passion and interest in poetry writing. Thus, overall, Heartland Poet was executed in a way to introduce poetry writing to the young generation. New methods and conventions were used to appeal to the younger crowd.