The National Library Board of Singapore (NLB) is pleased to collaborate with Angkatan Sasterawan ‟50 (Asas ‟50) to publish Leksikon: Direktori Penulis Melayu Singapura Pasca 1965. This directory is the second collaborative project of the two organizations following the publication of the proceedings of the 12th regional forum of Pertemuan Sasterawan Nusantara, which was held in Singapore in 2003. The close collaboration serves as a testimony to the commitment of both parties to promote the learning and appreciation of the Malay language and preserve our national literary heritage.

This directory represents an attempt to include and list out all writers who have contributed to the Malay literary scene in Singapore since 1965 and, in the process, take stock of the literary development in Singapore over the 40-year period. It documents the literary pursuits and output of the Malay writers in Singapore and provides a window for us to know and understand our Malay writers better. The directory also provides rich information to both the serious researchers who wish to delve into the study of the contemporary Singapore Malay literature and the casual users who just need to find specific information about a writer or a work.

The NLB benefits immensely from the publication of the directory. It helps NLB to identify and fill the gaps in its Singapore Malay literature collection and provides a useful and handy reference tool for its librarians.
The directory also acts as a precursor for NLB to partner all writers and literary organizations to systematically collate, organize, preserve and promote the literary heritage of Singapore.

Mr Lai Yeen Pong
Asian Library Services
National Library Board