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Angkatan Sasterawan ’50 (ASAS’ 50) allows their members and affiliated organisation / members to create a blog or website under the web architecture of ASAS’ 50. Applications are to compile to the terms of use, upon applying either for a blog or website with ASAS’ 50.

Terms of Use

1.Intended Users

a) We have recently set up a blog infrastructure in ASAS’ 50 to empower users to leverage on social media tools for research, teaching and communication needs. For Phase One, we are rolling out the service to Members & Department of ASAS’ 50 project only.

b) When members leave ASAS’ 50, access to their existing blogs will lapse. However, the blog postings can still be accessed and read by the public unless the blog owner specifically requests for the blog to be taken down.

c) Upon request, all the blog content can be saved and exported to non-ASAS’ 50 blog platform.

2. Blog / Website Privacy

a) Blogging is a public activity. By default, postings and images on all ASAS’ 50 blogs can be seen by the public. We may also create some `buzz`by highlighting selected blog postings on the main blog landing page and publicity materials.

b) If you wish to limit the blog access to a select group of users, you can change the default blog settings.

c) Many blogs / Website promote interactivity by allowing users to comment on the postings. If you are concerned about flaming, personal attacks and off-topic comments, you can make moderation of comments compulsory. You can also request for an email alert whenever a new comment is posted on your blog.

3. Acceptable Use

a) ASAS’ 50 does not monitor or otherwise review blog content unless a complaint is received. Therefore the university cannot be liable for content posted on the blogs or any use of the blog content.

b) As a blog owner, you assume full responsibility for the content posted. You are encouraged to

i. check your posting for accuracy and completeness,
ii. ensure that expressed views are not harmful or offensive and
iii. state, where appropriate, that the blog postings represent the views of the blog owner and not ASAS’ 50

c) Postings on most topics are generally permitted, except for

i. obscene material
ii. defamatory remarks
iii. illegal content such as links to pirated software
iv. content inciting racial or religious hatred
v. endorsement of political parties

d) ASAS’ 50 has the right to approve and delete blogs/website that is not align to the organisation’s objectives & online operations.

4. Copyright

a) ASAS’ 50 respects copyright and intellectual property rights. Unauthorized copying and distribution of copyrighted content in your blog may result in the removal the offending postings.

b) Blog content and blog owner details are stored on our servers and will be provided to law enforcement if so requested. Such information may also be shared with university officials on request.

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Duration of Application

Please allow 7 working days for us to approve and to valid in order to approve your blog or website application. Please also take note your website web address will be http://asas50/group-name/xxx or http://asas50/xxx. The web team has the rights over this naming convention.

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