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The SINGAPORE LITERARY HERITAGE COLLECTION project documents works of high literary value from established laureates in the national literature scene of Singapore. They are Masuri SN, Muhd Ariff Ahmad, Mohamed Latiff Mohamed, Suratman Markasan, Aliman Hassan, and Abdul Ghani Hamid. They are recipient of the highest literary Malay award in Singapore – the Tun Seri Lanang Award given out by the Malay Language Council Singapore for their outstanding contribution in the realm of literary arts and selfless devotion to the arts. They are also recipients of the SEA Write Award and some have garnered the Cultural Medallion award by MICA.

The project was completed in 2012. A soft launch of the books was conducted in 2011 in conjunction with the 16th Regional Writers Conference in Singapore organized by Asas ’50. Minister of State For Education and Home Affairs, Mr Masagos Zulkifli Masagos Mohamad launched the books on 20th May 2011 at the Furama Hotel in the present of regional representatives from Malaysia, Brunei, Indonesia, and Thailand. The idea of the soft launch was to introduce Singapore’s literary gem the official delegates, representatives, as well as the participants to the conference. This project also receives support from The Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport Heritage Grant.

Followings are published titles:

  1. Mutiara Bijaksana – Muhd Ariff Ahmad
  2. Kami Anak Zaman ini – Masuri SN
  3. Laluan Budaya – Abdul Ghani Hamid
  4. Api yang Membara – Suratman Markasan
  5. Mestika Pusaka – Aliman Hassan
  6. Bangsaku di Hari Lahirku – Mohamed Latiff Mohamed

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