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Regional Malay Poetry Recital

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Regional Malay Poetry Recital

Asas ’50 once again has been invited to represent Singapore and grace the event together with representatives from Gapena, BUDIMAN from Malaysia and prominent poets from Indonesia. The regional event which was held at Sultan Idris Education University on 22 December 2011 coincided with a Malay Literary Patriotism seminar organised by the Institute Of Malay Civilization in collaboration with Malay Language & Literature Department, Sultan Idris Education University, Association Of Dewan Bahasa & Pustaka (DBP) & Darul Ridzuan Institute.

UPSI undergrads, researchers, lecturers and invited guests were amongst the eager audience anticipating the warmth and energy from the performers during the night event. Indonesian poets rocked the stage with various musical instruments from percussions to melodious flute and harmonious violin rhythms along with story-telling delivery of rhetorical poems. Malaysian poets amazed everyone with their sympathetic and apologetic tones of the Malay race with some howling and calling upon the Malay spirit to rise and shine for humanity.

Asas 50’s Arni Johan made the debut for Singapore with her humming and brave reflection on Malay leadership with her poem entitled ‘Sumpah Nakhoda’ or ‘The Captain’s Creed’. Asas ’50’s, Hoirull Amri spellbounded the audience with his award winning poem entitled “Periuk Nasi” or Rice Bowl leaving audience to recall and reflect his poetry in every meal. Fariz Husna wrapped up for Singapore with his take on controversial beliefs and typical cultural mindsets that overcomes morality, values and ethics with his latest published poem ‘Variasi Versi’ or Various Versions. The night ended with appreciation and critical reception from veteran poets, mingling and expanding networks with current active poets from Malaysia and Indonesia.

Our special appreciation goes to Prof Halim for giving Asas ’50 another platform to share the youth talents and contemporary poems from Singapore. In addition, we would like to thank Drs Masran Sabran too for keeping Asas ’50 and UPSI ties stronger for the betterment of regional language and literature.

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Fariz Husna