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Heartland Poet 2011

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Heartland Poet 2011

Being in its third year running, The Gen Z Poet 2011, was conducted once again on the 28th of May 2011 at the Geylang East Public Library from 1000hrs to 1430hrs. In all, over 60 zesty students, comprising of secondary one, two and three students, were present to take part in this workshop.

The trainers involved were Mr Yazid Hussein, Mr Ariff Rizwan Sahab and Mr Fariz Husna Sajani. The trainers taught the students on the application as well as the appreciation of poetry. The students went through a step-by-step process from creating their very own poems to developing their Graftera to staging a performance based on a chosen poem written by fellow participants. They were closely guided by the facilitators from the ASAS ’50 youth wing on how to write, recite and apply poetry.

With the objective to create awareness of poetry among students, The Gen Z Poet 2011, continues to bring forth Malay poetry to the youths of today.

Participants were taught on how to appreciate poetry through the language and style of writing as well as the different components in poetry such as theme, message and tone. They were also introduced to the fusion of literature and the arts called Graftera which is aimed to spark interest and intrigue participants to create unique works of art; creativity is therefore involved. Creating original works of literature and art are meant to build confidence within participants to further appreciate Malay literature.

Also, the introduction of the component on recitation of poetry in this workshop is to create awareness among participants on the appropriate ways in reciting Malay poetry. The intricate involvement of immersing oneself into the poetry and delivering it to an audience are taught to participants with the aim for participants to be well versed in poetry recitation.

Therefore, it is hoped that the exposure to the skills in creating poetry will foster a growth of interest and spur on an increase in the number of new literary works from participants.

The Gen Z Poet conducted at Geylang East Public Library was carried out smoothly and effectively. Participants were given a goodie bag that included books published by ASAS ’50 like Penyair Gen Z, Diari Hitam and Rama-rama patah sayapnya, a Gen Z Poet bookmark and badge specially created for the event.

Poems and Graftera portraying various themes were able to be produced by the participants. Some even went as far as to touch upon the topic of Islamophobia, thus signifying the broad range of issues brought forth through The Gen Z Poet workshop.

Participants also staged performances that involved singing, acting and poetry recitation, thus applying the content taught by the trainers of the workshop.

Overall, the event was a success and was seen as a platform to inspire the youth to continue writing poems and infuse art with literature.