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The Next Step: We are creating a presence on Facebook.

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Asas’50 will be embarking on a journey where we will be using Facebook to share knowledge literacy. Here, our knowledge and information technology team shares the Facebook strategy on the adoption of the Facebook’s infrastructure.

We Build it, & They Might come
One of the primary knowledge in building literacy is about knowledge awareness. To create this awareness, the team  rides on the present available social technology. Facebook has more than 400 million of users – building one of the biggest demographic and fastest  growing community on the social network.

A small portion of this demographic is a community that is literate in the Malay language.   50 percent of users log into Facebook on a daily basis. By creating a presence in this social network, we are able to spread our knowledge and attracting them to access our resources.

Establishing with Real People From The Community
This is one of our primary reasons to create a knowledge sharing between the community and Asas’ 50.  Although, our knowledge and information technology team is currently busy building the digital library behind this portal,  they are in the midst of working on to establish a good rapport with our community. This way, we will build our foundation, establish and invite our friends to make the best out of the resources that we have in Asas’50.

Of course, content is priority. Our team is working hard to consolidate this information and knowledge to make it available via the concept of “Open Access to Knowledge”. The World is our premier as we reward our friends with exclusive information, knowledge and news to promote literacy.

Exploring Literacy & Technology
This is one of the main objectives initiated by the knowledge & information team to explore literacy and technology. Asas’ 50 has a pool of literacy resources that have been collected over the past 60 years. Now, it is a good time for the team to look into the convergence of technology with literacy, where the team will focus in outreaching knowledge awareness for the community. Through this initiative, the community will be aware of  the development that Asas’ 50 will be working on to obtain these literacy works. Apart form the portal programming, the team will ride on the Facebook’s strengths, such as open graph, social plugin and also the demostats.

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  1. Muhammad Dzul Azhan Haji Sahban  January 10, 2011

    Congrats to the great team for creating the Facebook page. It is definitely beneficial to reach out to the masses around the globe, especially to reach out to the students and youths who are actively engaged on Facebook and other internet tools most of the time.
    It also creates awareness to the non-Malay community who are on Facebook.
    However, I hope that the team would not forget traditional media for the non-IT savvy community.
    Thank you and best of luck in the New Year!

    • Hazman Aziz  January 11, 2011

      Salam Dzul.

      Thank you for the compliments.

      Yes, we are working towards it, not to forget the traditional media and also to create and allow our community to access the open knowledge to our Sasterawan’s work. A couple of projects are in the progress of development and implementation.

      We will update the community again with regards of this. And, the community can enjoy the benefit of open knowledge access provided by Asas as the same time advocating the works of our organisation and sasterawan.

      Once again, we appreciate your inputs and comments for us to grow and create ideas.

      Hazman Aziz
      Angkatan Sasterawan’ 50