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A Music Poetry Album – Warkah Cinta Dunia

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Music & Poetry

Poetry is a form of literary art in which language is used for its aesthetic and evocative qualities. It can be written independently, as discrete poems, or in conjunction with other arts, as in poetic drama, hymns, lyrics, or prose poetry. In this project, we like to share a one of our work at ASAS 50 where we try out poetry and music.

On November 5th, 2010,  we are proud to share this music poetry album. a creative work of our members, MAsuri SN, Muhd Herwanto, Aqmal N., Yasira Yusoff, Md. Latiff Md., Puteri Nor’ Atika and Mohd Pitchay Gani . The musical agreement is done by a talent musician and also an trainee educator, Aqmal N.

ASAS 50 has a site with Band Camp for music and poetry digital distribution. Listeners can hear at this web address: