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Directory of Malay Knowledge & Resources

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ASAS’ 50’s Information Technology is proud to share with you another milestone for ASAS’ 50’s portal development.  The team has initiated an initiative project called: “Directory of Malay Knowledge & Resources.” The website URL can be located at

Directory of Malay Knowledge & Resources

Directory of Malay Knowledge & Resources

Directory of Malay Knowledge & Resources is a collaborative research effort dedicated to documenting, understanding, and utilizing the social network  for the The Global Malay Knowledge & Resources. This project is initiated by Hazman Aziz (Nanyang Technological University), Amirrudin Dahlan (Nanyang Technological University), Juffri Supa’at (National Library Board) and Mohd. Pitchay Ghani Abdul Aziz (National Institute of Education – Nanyang Technological University).

We hope this project group will grow to include several individuals and community from various backgrounds and interests.

We hope that the community will find the website a useful resource outlet as well as a platform to post their works and connect with other individuals who are also interested in studying The Global Malay Knowledge development.

Directory of Malay Knowledge & Resources is a joint effort between various academics and other interested parties. It acts as a nexus, linking to various resources, research projects, and perspectives and at the same time seeks to unite everything under one roof using the New Media technologies.

As stated, the intention is to assist interested parties in several ways. The site serves as a place of much writing and research about The Global Malay Knowledge & Resources. In essence, it is will be an archive of studies, varying greatly in scope and quality. At the same time, it goes beyond simple collection of information to discussion and analysis, sometimes in limited form by one researcher on their own topic, and other times with the involvement of several individuals.

Finally, the group wishes to be a place where enthusiasts can learn to really employ, “The Global Malay Knowledge” – in teaching & research, in institution and libraries, or perhaps just for knowledge awareness.

Community Centric Project
For the time being, only ASAS’50 members who have registered on the site ( are able to recommend good resources that will be listed in this directory. We will look forward to enhancing the membership ecology system within ASAS 50 portal.

To log in , just go to Authorization box. And log in with your ASAS’s 50 account.

Further Progress
We are still working on developing and pushing the project forward

  1. To come out a theoretical framework for this effort
  2. Social media aspect (viral marketing)
  3. The analytical component
  4. Collection Development for Online Resource

As such, we need your support to:

  1. Recommend new resources
  2. Grammar verification
  3. Promotion to the education sector

Please help us to make this initiative success. Due credit will be given to contributors.

Feel free to drop a comment below.