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Belia ASAS’ 50

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Belia ASAS'50

Introducing Belia ASAS’50
The initiative to establish a youth movement in literature was ignited in 2003 which when enacted, sparked a sustained flurry of youth involvement in the literary arts among students, trainee teachers and undergraduates. However, the movement had its beginning in 2002 through its founder and mentor; Mohd Pitchay Gani who was then the second secretary of Angkatan Sasterawan ’50 or better known as Asas ’50. The youth movement was strongly encouraged and supported by former President of Asas ’50, the late laureate Dr Masuri Bin Salikun or better known as Masuri SN.

It was on 13th September 2003, in conjunction with the 12th Regional Writers Conference organized by Asas ’50, in Singapore, that the Youth Wing of Asas ’50 was formally formed. Since its inception it has continued to inject much vibrance to Asas ’50’s literary activities in Singapore.

A year later on 9th October 2004, with the support of the Singapore Malay Language Council and National Library Board, a landmark event took place at Geylang East Library. The prime leadership of language and culture societies of universities, junior colleges, polytechnics, madrasahs (Islamic institutions of learning), institute of technical education and mosque youths agreed with Asas ’50 to set up a working network in tandem with governmental agencies towards the active cultivation of the literary landscape under the leadership of the head of Asas ’50 youth wing, Fariz Husna Sajani.

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