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Celebrating 60th years : Furama City Centre

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November 5th marks the 60th Anniversary of the Angkatan Sasterawan’ 50 (ASAS’ 50). This website will showcase a historic journey from a traditional website morphing into a social knowledge portal. It has been 6 months of research and development for the Information Technology team in an effort to build a social knowledge portal for Angkatan Sasterawan’ 50 (ASAS’ 50). It was a task filled with challenges. The team started of with only an IT Specialist and an academic librarian, Amirrudin Dahlan and Hazman Aziz. Amirrudin is an Information Technology specialist, while me, just an Academic Librarian,works on the methodologies for Library Technology & System. Both are graduates from Wee Kim Wee School of Communication & Information School and are currently working for Nanyang Technological University.

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  1. Muhammad Dzul Azhan  November 5, 2010

    Congratulations to Angkatan Sasterawan’50 for your 60th Anniversary celebration! I hope that you will continue to spearhead the Malay literary developments in Singapore. Congrats also to the Award recipients, especially to a few of my friends such as Muhammad Irwan, Hoirull Amri & Fariz Husna. Thank you.

    • Hoirull Amri Tahiran  November 9, 2010

      At long last! With hardworking people in Asas ’50 who specializes in different areas of IT, the website is tremendously impressive. In view of the celebratory mood, let’s not forget some proletarian young adults and unsung heroesworth mentioning who had ventured extreme ends, sacrificing their time, money and effort during Asas developing years (era of 2000). Then, their presence, undivided attention and full commitments have been of utmost importance in upholding Asas ’50 integrity, mission and vision. Now perhaps, occupied with other commitments, their energies have subsided, thus paving way for the younger generation. But I knew Asas ’50 will be embedded in their heart and soul.

      1. Nur Namira Mazlan – For her effort and personal contributions in creating Asas 50 website from scratch. Did it single-handedly. For her perseverance in masterminding Bibliotheraphy programme. For her shrewd abilities in handling various Asas programmes, without fear or favour.

      2. Md Hizamuddin – still alive and kicking. For his brilliant documentation of all Asas ’50 old pictures and videos, which spans from 50s to 2000s. A man who knows the tool of his trade.

      3. Nurul Aini Ajmain – Well-known for her witty abilities in perfecting every nook and cranny details of Asas 50’s programme. Fast and dedicated worker, avid supporter of Asas ’50. Not to mess around with.

      I’m sure there are many more who have worked and sacrificed for Asas 50 but not being mentioned here. Please feel free to add on to the list.


      • Amirrudin Dahlan  November 9, 2010

        Thanks Hoirull, we hope that we can move onwards to greater heights with all of you. It is all in the game of chess. We are simply here as the chess board, providing the platform for others to promote their literacy works. The important key individuals are still you !! .. You’re the chess seeds that will move around and make the difference with every contributions.

        Once again, i would like to congratulate all the award winners in that wonderful evening. May He protect, guide, love and show us the path to success and beyond always.

        The story has just began and there are greener pastures that has yet to be explored.

        Let’s help each other to make it a reality my dear friends. =)