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Sayembara Eja Tepat

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Spelling Bee season is here again and for the fourth time. ASAS 50 together with PERBUYU has successfully organized Sayambara Eja Tepat 2010 at Tampines Regional Library. With about 30 schools participating, the auditorium was filled with hopeful students accompanied by their parents or teachers.

A little technical fault with the sound system did not manage to get in our way, as we manage to kick start SET 2010 shortly after our technical team attended to the problem with help from the library staffs. The qualifying round which requires the participants to write the word out on the given sheet went on smoothly. A list of 25 words with varying degree of difficulty was given to them. The students heaved a sigh of relief after submitting their answer sheets to the facilitators. We paused the show to allow the attendants to fill their stomach with delicious delicacies provided to them just outside the auditorium.

Meanwhile, the team of judges and facilitators were busy backstage to mark and tabulate the marks of the participants. Even though, the schools generally did well. Only the top ten schools with the highest scores manage to secure a place in the semi-finals. Unlike the qualifying round, semi-finals saw each school coming up to the front to spell all the ten words provided in the list of categories by which they were given the choice to choose their respective categories. Students gave their best shot in this round by making the best of the time given to spell the words. Semi-finals ended smoothly after all ten schools are done spelling their fair share of words.

While the judges again work their way through deciding the top 3 finalist, the audience were entertained with a quiz. Though not everyone had a chance to win prizes, the students were very excited to answer all the questions and to grab prizes sponsored by Asas 50. Then came the climax of SET 2010 – the final round of SET 2010. The three schools that managed to get into the finals were, Temasek Primary School, Innova Primary School and West View Primary school. The final round again had a different approach. In this round, schools that did not manage to spell a word correctly will be automatically eliminated from the competition. West View Primary was the first school to be eliminated thus leaving Innova Primary and Temasek Primary to grab the Champion title from the defending-champion Loyang Primary School.

Luck was definitely not on Innova Primary’s side as they failed to spell a word correctly. This automatically puts Temasek Primary School as the Champion for SET 2010. Congratulation Temasek Primary School!

** This entry is a reflection from one of our Belia ASAS, Shahirah Samsudin. She is currently a student at Nanyang Technological University – National Institute of Education.